About Us

                                                              Gugar Craft                                                         

Gugar Craft is a brand inspired by nature, making its products by hand using massive wood and traditional methods. Every products carries the marks of those who produced it.

 Its story starts with the passion of a young boy for trees, wood and nature. In time this passion started to take today's form through the quest of finding an answer to the question of how we could have wood take a bigger part in our life in modern times. Gugar Craft, at first being a part of a personal story, continues its way with people who are open to simple yet inspiring experiences.

 Gugar Craft, uses ceramics and leather alongside with wood in the production process of its table lamps, book stands, wall clocks, sideboards, mirrors, side tables, chairs and accessories. Each and every one of them carries the value of an individual object and are created in a traditional-styled workshop. For each product, the type of wood most appropriate for its purpose is chosen. Just as the carpenters of old days did. And always with respect towards nature's natural order.

Gugar Craft does not merely design and produce its items just for the sake of making some decoration, just like a tree does not merely exist just to decorate nature. They are designed to become a part of life. The life that is shaped in the workshop, later becomes part of another lifestory.

Gugar Craft's story is one that continues to exist with people. Perhaps you would like to tell its part in your life later on.