Our Story

                                       The Story of Gugar Craft

The concept of Gugar Craft in its oldest days a tale of awe that still lasts up to this day. A sense of awe towards trees, wood, carpenters and, most of all, the simplicity of nature.

 The roots of our brand extend all the way to the childhood dreams of the founder of Gugar Turkey. Those dreams started to become reality, to turn into real objects in the Eastern Black Sea Region of Turkey, famed for its woods, sea and authentic woodcraft. The year is 1999.

Much later on, when opening a new headquarters in Istanbul, a question, one that perhaps is important to all of us, was asked: “Can we, with the help of the products we use, increase our contact with nature in these huge cities?”

Gugar Craft tries to find an answer to this meaningful question along with you. It designs and produces by hand for people who are open to inspiring experiments, whether they be in London or Istanbul, New York or Paris.

What do they produce? Small and pretty things that remind us that we're a part of nature every time we use it: table top lamps, wall clocks, sideboard, mirrors, side tables chairs and other products that combine leather and ceramics with wood. Every single on of them is an unsigned work of art made by our carpenters in Turkey.

Every product of Gugar Craft is a small and unique story. To truly own such a product means to allow this story into your life. In times where people and items all look alike, isn't that what we all look for?