Vintage Wooden Wall Clock
Wood clock made of iroko
Decorative wooden wall clock
Wooden Wall clock from old times

Ancient Times Wooden Clock

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Gugar Ottoman - Wooden Clock

Handmade, Solid Wood, Iroko

Diameter: 40 CM

-12 terms from the Islamic Faith and Thought are used in stead of the traditional numbers from 1 to 12. 

-Just as the term “Tawhid”, meaning the oneness of God has taken the place of the number “one”, the other terms as well have been matched to the numbers according their meaning. 

-The terms are placed onto the base in Ottoman calligraphic style. 

-The 12 plaques of calligraphy are made of brass and are yellowish. 

- The base of the clock is entirely made of solid Iroko wood. 

-The dials are classic, true to design’s style. 

-The clock’s mechanism is silent because of the escapement used. 

-Also available in Walnut. 

The Ottoman Wooden Clock is one of Gugar Craft’s most popular designs. 

-Because of the special meanings attributed to time, it will show you more than just the time. 


The Writings on Gugar Ottoman Clock :

  1. Tawhid (oneness of God),
  2. Knowledge,
  3. Lore,
  4. Consciousness,
  5. Wisdom,
  6. Human,
  7. Practice,
  8. Justice,
  9. Morality,
  10. Civilization,
  11. Islam,
  12. Truth.