Handmade cups set for coffee lovers or tea lovers
Handmade ceramic cups set for coffe lovers or tea lovers
Ceramic Cup Set
ceramics coffee cups set
Two cups set made of ceramics and wood

Ceramic Cup Set

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“The Two of Us” Ceramic Cup Set 


Two handmade ceramic cups, 

Handmade, Solid Oak, Tray 


-A Gugar Craft product designed for those private coffee moments.

Your guest or your friend will be impressed with your ceramic coffee cups set.   

-The handmade cups set is designed for you to enjoy your drinks like tea or coffee and to serve your table in many different ways.

-Everything that comes out of Gugar Craft supports multi-purpose use. The area of use is hidden in your creativity. You can also look at another creative wooden products like Wood Purse and Wooden Pen Holder 

-The Tray is made of Solid oak. 

-The ceramic cups are handmade. 

-It reveals the true taste of coffee. 

-Due to the characteristic of ceramic, it maintains heat for a long time. 

-The ears express a tad of attachment.