Wooden Wall Mirror Made of Walnut, Daisy Shape
Decorative daisy shape wall mirror, handmade, solid walnut
Daisy Mirror for your room, bathroom or bedroom for any decoration

Daisy Mirror

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Wooden Wall Mirror - Daisy Mirror

Solid Walnut, Beads, Handmade

Dimensions: Height - 45 cm, Width - 43 cm

Depth of frame: 5,5 cm


-Our products are produced from 100% solid wood (Walnut) by hand workmanship

-A totally new style of mirror design in both shape and depth of frame.

-Its design is a daisy shape close to the dimensions of a square. 

-The daisy shape adds the extra beauty to wooden mirror for wall.

-Hanging a mirror on your wall like daisy mirror will add depth to a room, alter a view, or add uniqueness to your decor, that's why they are the excellent way to decorate any space ! 

-The wooden wall mirror is places 4,5 cm deep in the back of the solid walnut frame. 

-You can see the beauty of the wood all over the frame.

-One corner is decorated with special handmade glass beads.

-A product that will always protect Gugar Craft’s innovatiness.

- Every peace of wood is unique, so color and character can vary slightly. These uniqueness makes mirror more special for you. 

-The decorative wooden wall mirror will fit in any interior in your room. This mirror looks stylish and elegant. Also It has rustic ambiance.