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Wooden Wall Art : El-Fettah

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El-Fettah - Wooden Calligraphy Relief

Dimensions: 33x23cm.

Wooden  Embossing, Ottoman Calligraphy ,Solid Walnut, Embossed Calligraphy, Handmade 


Al-Fattah  - “The Opener” 

- The Word “Al-Fattah”, witten in Ottoman calligraphy,  is embossed onto solid walnut. 

- “Al-Fattah” is one of the 99 names of names of God (Asma ul-Husna – the Glorified Names) in Islam. It means “The One who decrees, The One who opens doors, The One who grants help and victory.” 

The Calligraphy was taken from a classic sample and covered in gold leaf by hand entirely. 

- Because of the solid walnut’s own nature,  its differences in color and texture are a natural part of the wall decoration. 

- A design and “meaning” that takes a special place in the lives of most of us. A prayer in the language of art” 

- When gifted to friends, its meaning becomes even greater.