tealight holder, iron filigree art
Wooden Tealight Holder with Telkari art
Decorative Tealight Holder made of Pine, Walnut, Oak
Wooden Candle Holder , Filigree Art
Wooden Tealight Holder
Tealight Candle Holder
Wooden Tealight Holder by providing from Filigree Art
Filigree Art Wooden Tealigh Holder
Wooden Tealight Candle Holder
Wooden Oil Lamp
Wooden Oil Lamp, Pine, Walnut, Oak

Gugar Efruz - Wooden Tealight Holder

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Lighting & Lamp Collection

Wooden Tealight Holder 

Solid Oak, Solid Walnut, Solid Pine, Filigree Processing, Handmade 


Height: 12 cm 

Width: 10 cm x 10 cm 

Product Options: Walnut, Pine, Oak

-Gugar Wood Lamp is a mini, modest comment that wefor friends of Gugar, brought in our workshop from traditional Turkish handcraft to Telkari (Filigree Art).  We brought together the art of filigree with wood in this small product. 

- The metal used in the edges where there is filigree work is iron and painted in s way to prevent oxidation.

- It is ideal for the small lighting necessity in the garden, on the balcony, in a corner of your room. 

-The candle light shine by it beautifully and makes your evening more special.


What is the Telkari Art  or Filigree Art ? 

* Filigree is the art of decorating silver and gold by hand. Iron is also used as a material in this old traditional art like our tealight holder. Filigree is an art that requires patience and subtlety, which is an eye-catcher. The craftsmen create a work of art by melting and processing the silver mine in the crucible to connect two or more fine wires together.

*This craftsmanship is mostly used in jewelry and accessories. Necklace, earrings, bracelet, brooch, ring, anklet and imprint are made for ladies; imprint for men, bracelets, rings and rosaries are also used in this art. The telkari art  is used in home accessories as well. In the trays, belts, gun and knife handles, jewelry box, photo frames, keychain, matches, vases, gondolas, sugar bowls, table tops and many other articles are made of filigree art. This art, which dates back centuries ago, seems to be doomed to be forgotten by the fact that the masters cannot find new masters to be trained to be transferred to new generations.



You can contribute to the maintaining of the filigree art by ordering the wooden tealigh holder for yourself or your loved one as a gift.

    Enjoy it!