Decorative wood wall mirror with ceramics
Rustic Wood Oval Mirror with ceramcis for decoration
Iroko wall mirror with ceramics
Oval Wood Mirror
Oval Wood Wall Mirror for decoration
Decorative Wood Mirror
The Oval Wood Mirror made of Solid Iroko Wood

Oval Wood Wall Mirror

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Gugar Hayali - Oval Wood Mirror 

Iroko, Ceramics 

Dimensions: 63x38cm


-A mirror with and elegant oval shape instead of hard straight lines and edges.  

-The edges are decorated with eye-catching handmade ceramic pieces. 

-The frame is made from non-stretching massive Iroko wood. 

-A products that lets you see all the finesses of handmade Gugar Craft craftmanship. 

-With the Oval Wooden Mirror, you will be spending more time looking at the details than at yourself during the first days.  

-With all the petrochemical products that fill up our houses, it is generally known that we miss items that remind us of the soil, greenness and nature.

-We produced this wooden mirror in the awareness that we all spent some time in front of mirrors.

-The Large Wooden Mirror, with its oval wooden frame and handmade special ceramics that enrich it, will take up a special place in your homes or workplaces

-Differences in colour and appearance may appear due to the nature of wood and handmade ceramics, rendering this item even more special.  

Handmade Ceramics, creates differences between one product and another.