Classical Wooden Clock, Oak Handmade Solid Wood, Decorative and Rustic for home
Gugar Yemin - Classical Wooden Clock

Gugar Yemin - Classical Wooden Clock

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Gugar Yemin (Oath) - Classical Wooden Clock

Solid Oak Base , Walnut-Oak clock face, Handmade 

Height: 44 cm, Width: 30 cm 

-A design true to the traditional Ottoman artforms. 

-The numbers in the clock face are Arabic written in Ottoman calligraphy like on our other wooden wall clock models.

-These calligraphies belong to an Ottoman sultan. 

-A small round ceramic plate is places in the pediment of the wooden base. 

-The calligraphy on the ceramics writes “W’al-‘asr” and belongs to a modern artist. 

-“W’al-‘asr” is a phrase from the Qur’an and means: “By the time!” (as an oath) 

-The motifs at the edges are made by a Turkish illuminator. 

-A noiseless clock mechanism is used. 

-The base and the inner part of the clock face are of solid oak, the outer circle is made of solid