Wood Wall Clock made of chesnut
Wood Wall Clock with old Turkish Words
Wooden Wall Clock from ancient times

Ottoman Wooden Clock

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Gugar Ottoman - Wooden Clock 

Handmade, Solid Wood, Chesnut

Diametre: 40 cm


  • We've reached an age where everyone is constantly in such a rush as if racing against time itself.
  • Clocks became one of those indispensable items in this fast life.
  • The Ottoman Clock, which lends its name from the alphabet that for centuries was used in these lands, will take up its space in your environment adding to every single hour.
  • Natural wood is used in its base and brass is used for its text and dials.
  • With its 40cm diameter we tried to produce ideal size.
  • A sliding (silent) clock mechanism is used.

As its difficult to read old Turkish writings, here are the translations of each term:

  1. Tawhid (oneness of God),
  2. Knowledge,
  3. Lore,
  4. Consciousness,
  5. Wisdom,
  6. Human,
  7. Practice,
  8. Justice,
  9. Morality,
  10. Civilization,
  11. Islam,
  12. Truth.