Patchwork Wooden Wall Clock made of walnut
Patched Wood Wall Clock

Patched Wood Wall Clock

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Wall Clock Collection

Decorative Wall Clock

Dimensions: 42 cm x 42 cm 

Solid Walnut, Solid Chesnut, Ceramics, Pure Handwork 


-Made by a special type of craftsmanship without the use of molds. 

-A wall clock with an original design resembling modern wall decoration. 

-Handmade ceramics instead of classic numbers are placed into the base. 

-This clock is obtained piecing small parts of walnut wood together. 

-Visual dynamism and richness of texture take the spotlight in this design. 

-The dials’ shape have been chosen with great care. The clock’s mechanism is silent. 

-The texture of the wooden parts and the colors of the ceramics may vary due to their own nature. 

- Every single Patched Wall Clock is unique and has no exact replica. 

-The asymmetric irregularities at the edges of the square sets apart the Gugar Craft Patched Wall Clock aside completely from classic models. You can look at our patchwork wood mirror.