Decorative Wall Mirror made of Solid Wood by patchwork

Decorative Patchwork Wooden Mirror

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Mirror Collection

Decorative Patchwork Wood Mirror

Handmade, Unique, Patched, Patchwork, Solid Wood, Ceramic 

Dimensions: 85x60cm

-An interpretation of patchwork that combines wood with ceramics. 

-The solid wooden pieces are placed together by hand to create a patchwork. 

-Natural handmade ceramic pieces are placed in some points throughout the design. 

-The differences in the colours and textures of the materials give the product a vivid appearance. 

-The Wood Wall Mirror is ideal for those who want something at home to stand out from all the other things. 

-A Gugar Craft mirror that will add that little extra to your home. You shoul look at the collection of wooden home decor accessories

 Enjoy it !