Wooden Book Stand made of Pine. Solid Wood, Natural Polish
Book Stand as a wood gift for bookworms
Wooden Ipad Stand
Tablet Pc Holder for Ipad models
Wooden Book Stand - Pine
Wooden Dictionary Holder - Ideal tool for language department student while studying language
Wooden Tablet Pc Holder, Rustic technological wood tool for technolgy lover
Wooden Book Stand made of Pine as a gift
Book Holder as a Wooden gift
Pine Book Stand
Wood Book Holder
Ideal tool for reading, drawing and cooking to hold recipe and book

Wooden Book Stand - Pine

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                                            Book Stand Collection 

Gugar Book Stand 

Width: 34cm, Height: 24 cm 

Features: Massive Pinewood, Handmade, Polished with Natural Oil 

Other Options: Solid Oak, Solid Walnut 

The Intended Use: Reading Rest, Cookbook Stand, Tablet Pc Holder, Dictionary Holder


  • Gugar Book Stand allows you to read and work for a long time without tiredness, keeping your body in a comfortable position. 
  • The Book holder is an useful design for those who consider books as a part of their daily life. The wooden reading rest will be your ideal tool for your life while spending with your books. 
  •  When you need to do your job on the computer by using a book in front of you, it gives you the practical solution you need.
  • The stand can be also used as a Tablet Pc Holder. It is useful suitable for the kind of Ipad etc
  •  A real convenience for those who are translators, homework preparers, book lovers, the ones who prepare for exams or need to memorize long texts.
  •  Wooden Book Stand makes it possible to read at any angle with adjustable feet at the rear.
  •  Tempered to all sizes of books. With folding feature, it can be moved without occupying a space.
  •  Holders are made of special steel and retain their flexibility and function for long-term use.
  • Prices vary according to the types of wood. Pine book stand is cheaper than other.
  • If you like, we can write your name on it with a laser. The price difference is only $10.


Solid Wood, creates differences between one product and another.

  • Solid wooden material is unique because of its own nature.
  • Its features allow for changes in color and texture.
  • Every tree is different from any other tree, even if it’s the same species.
  • Every tree harbors differences in color and texture within itself.
  • This makes the use of wood in design unparalleled and unmatched.
  • This feature makes each and every single piece produced by Gugar Craft one-of-a-kind.
  • Even if two people were to buy the same product, they would still own two “different” products.
  • Every piece is as if it were made just for its new owner.
  • It is for this reason that the pictures on the website might somewhat differ from the product that will be send to you.


Natural Polish, protects the naturalness of solid wood.

  • All of the Gugar Craft products are polished with natural oils.
  • This natural oil allows for the wood to breath.
  • Wood lives and, just like everything else in nature, continues to age.
  • There is no other layer in between, you really touch the wood.


Only the items that carry the traces of your life are truly yours.

Like those made of solid wood and handmade organics.