Wooden Book Stand for reading, writing, drawing and cooking
Handmade Book Stand made of Walnut
Solid Walnut Book Stand for Bookworm
Moving part of Wooden Book Stand, Portable, Adjustable
Cookbook holder, Recipe Holder to use in the kitchens
Wooden Book Stand for reading and writing articles
Paper Holder for Drawing
Solid Handmade Book Holder made of Walnut
Dictionary Holder while studying language
Tablet Pc Holder made of wood, handmade, walnut

Wooden Book Stand - Walnut

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                                         Book Stand Collection 

Gugar Book Stand

Width: 34cm, Height: 24 cm 

Features: Solid Walnut, Handmade, Polished with Natural Oil 

Other Options: Solid Oak Book Stand, Solid Pine Book Stand

The Intended Use: Book Stand, Cookbook Stand, Tablet Pc Holder, Dictionary Holder


  • The Bookstand is an useful design for those who consider books as a part of their daily life.
  • It is usually needful to keep the book open while you are working on your computer, writing an article, studying for an exam or doing your homework.
  • Even ladies that are cooking at kitchen needs their cook-book to be open to look at the recipes. The wooden book stand will help you and meet your need with its naturality.
  • Its foldable design allows you to carry it and it does not take much space. This feature allows you to use it as a decorative object as well.
  • Its adjustable apparatus at the back, allows you to read for longer time and adjust it in any angle that you prefer.
  • The page holders at the front are made of a special steel and will retain its flexibility and function for long-term use.
  • It is made of natural wood and polished with natural oil without using any colorants in polishing process.
  • With its size of 24x34cm, it is suitable for all sizes of books.
  • Prices vary according to the types of wood.
  • For an additional $10 we can engrave your name into the bookstand by laser.
  • Solid Wood, creates differences between one product and another. Solid wooden material is unmatched due to its own nature.
  • Natural Polish, protects the naturalness of solid wood. All of the Gugar Craft products are polished with natural oils.

Use it on good days !