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Wall Clock Collection 

Gugar Wood Colored Clock 

Walnut-Oak Veneer on Solid Beech, Handmade 


Diameter: 40 cm

Color Options: Green, Orange, White, Claret Red, White and Black

Material Options: Walnut, Oak


  •  A minimalist dial on wood, a vibrant design. 
  •  The body part which is solid beech is walnut covered by pressing method. 
  •  40 cm diameter floor is polished with natural wood oil. 
  •  The contras, the minute and hour hands that are added to the ground are painted with a special paint. 
  •  The Coloured Wooden Wall Clock is ideal for teen rooms and places that need a lively view. 
  •  Walnut-plated Gugar Colored Watch on solid beech, offers you a choice of different colors, depending on the environment: Green, orange, white, claret red, white and black. Enjoy it!