Wooden Miniatur Kavukluk
Wood Miniatur Kavukluk

Wooden Miniature Shelf for Quilted Turban

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Wooden Miniature Kavukluk (Shelf for Quilted Turban) 

Original Material with Kavuk (quilted turban), Solid Oak, Handmade, Anatolian Wood Shelf  


Height: 48 cm 

Width: 18 cm 


- It is a mini model of kavukluk (shelf for quilted turban), which is one of the symbols of the ancient Anatolian culture, produced with a sense of loyalty to this culture. 

- Kavuk is a male hood that is used by wrapping a turban over it and it is placed in such a shelf at home, which is called “kavukluk”.Kavuk varied with its color and shape, depending on the profession and social position of the wearer. 

-Gugar Miniature Kavukluk is a small representation of this tradition that has lasted for centuries. The tulip motif adorning the wooden base and the kavuk made out of turban cloth with genuine felt offer you a valuable object that will enrich your wall.