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Gugar Lokma - Wooden Desk Clock

Solid Walnut, Handmade, Minimalist


Height: 10cm, Width: 10cm, Clock Dial: 7x7cm


-We call it as a "Gugar Lokma", inspired from the classical window architecture of ancient Turkish mosques. The junction point of knotted iron grille (mosque window) names "Lokma". 

-This decorative clock suitable for table, desk or shelf. 

-The wooden shelf clock has unique and stylish design. It was made of walnut by handmade.

- The surface of the wooden clock consists of 7cm squares and triangles. You can use 45 degrees or 90 degrees. You can try different angles according to your preference.

- A minimal and quadratic - triangular geometric style was preferred in production. 

- Battery replacement can be done easily by separating the parts of wooden clock as you can see on pictures. The clock mechanism works silently. 

Enjoy it !