Wooden Desk Lamp by made of oak and ceramics
Ceramics Desk Lamp
Wooden Table Lamp
Reading Lamp made of ceramics and wood
Wooden Reading Lamp
Desk Lamp made of wood and ceramics
Wooden Table Lamp with Ceramic
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Wooden Desk Lamp
Wooden Desk Lamp with ceramics

Wooden Table Lamp with Ceramic

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Lighting Collection 

Wooden Table Lamp with Gugar Ceramic 

Solid Walnut, Solid Oak, Ceramic, Handmade 


Height: 50 cm

Lighting Part Diameter: 12 cm

Foot Part Diameter: 18 cm


  •  It is an extraordinary approach to the table lambs by bringing together the wood with ceramic, and design with lighting. It is very suitable for desk-top working environment. It is a product for both lighting and decoration.  
  •  In order to obtain the product, the ceramics are glazed with a very special glaze and the wood is curled in a special way. The combination of these two completely natural materials in this way is the result of the special efforts in our workshop. 
  •  The electrical materials used are in Gugar standards and they are first class. You can also choose a light bulb based on light color and intensity. 
  •  If you want to see both the right light and the coming together of natural materials while working, the Wooden Table Lamp with Gugar Ceramic is a pleasant option.


Handmade Ceramics, creates differences between one product and another.

-Even if two people were to buy the same product, they would still own two “different” products.

-Every piece is as if it were made just for its new owner.

-It is for this reason that the pictures on the website might somewhat differ from the product that will be send to you.