Decorative wood wall art blue mosque and galata tower
Wood wall decor, wooden tableau
wooden blue mosque for decoration
Wood wall decor artwork of blue mosque and galata tower
wood wall art of mosque for decoration

Wooden Wall Art: Blue Mosque and Galata Tower

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Wooden Wall Decoration Istanbul 

Blue Mosque and Galata Tower 


Dimensions: 110 cm x 85 cm 

Piece of solid wood, handmade 


-The Wooden Wall decoration brings together two of Istanbul’s most unforgettable symbols. 

-The legendary Galata tower meets with the Blue mosque (Sultan Ahmet Mosque), representative of Ottoman Istanbul. 

-Consists of small wooden parts pieced together by hand. 

- The wooden pieces vary in size and color and are attached to a piece of plywood. 

- Throughout the manufacturing process, no use is made of molds or automatic machines. 

- Every piece is unique, none of the wall decoration is an exact replica of the other. 

- Surface is polished with natural oils. 

- A great idea for those who love Istanbul and wish to keep their memories alive. 

Buy the wall decoration but don’t stay without Istanbul for too long.