Wooden decorative wall art of istanbul
Wood wall decoration for your home or your office as a istanbul souvenir
Wall tableau of üsküdar

Wooden Wall Art : Maiden's Tower

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Wooden Wall Decoration of Istanbul

Height: 30 cm, width: 20 cm 

Solid Walnut Sticks, handmade 


-Solid Walnut Sticks interlaced by hand by use of special craftsmanship. 

-Use if made of Traditional Turkish (Ottoman) Wood Carving art throughout production. 

-The motif used in the design is inspired by the Ottoman Wood Carving tradition. 

- The figure that is formed by interlacing wooden sticks is called “Lokma”  

- The product is polished with natural oils. 

-The Maiden's Tower (the iconic landmark of istanbul) is portrayed in this wall decoration. You should read the legend of Maiden's Tower. 

- This is a Gugar Craft product that will change the atmosphere of the place where it’s hung. It’s true value it will take from the unique and valuable photographs you will place in it.