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Wooden Wall Art: Süleymaniye Mosque and Maiden's Tower

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Wooden Wall Decoration of Istanbul 

Süleymaniye Mosque and Maiden’s Tower 


Dimensions: 110 cm x 85 cm 

Piece of solid wood, handmade  


-This Wall decoration brings together two of Istanbul’s most unforgettable symbols. 

-The legendary Maiden’s tower meets with the Süleymaniye mosque, representative of  Ottoman Istanbul. 

-The wooden tableau is consists of small wooden parts pieced together by hand. 

- The wooden pieces vary in size and color and are attached to a piece of plywood. 

- Throughout the manufacturing process, no use is made of molds or automatic machines. 

- Every piece is unique, none of the wall decoration is an exact replica of the other. 

- Surface is polished with natural oils. 

- A great idea for those who love Istanbul and wish to keep their memories alive. 

Buy the wall decoration but don’t stay without Istanbul for too long.